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A Glossary of Sexy Lingerie Terms and Definitions
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So you want to buy some lingerie? Whether you’re a woman who wants to feel sexy, or a man who wants to buy something for his loved one, to make her look sexy, you’ll need to know the language associated with these provocative garments. And there’s more than you’d think. So we’ve provided this glossary of sexy lingerie terms and definitions to bring you up to speed on lingerie language. Get to know the terms here and you’ll have a better understanding, when you’re shopping, of what you’re getting.

  • Baby dolls
    Baby dolls are made of sheer fabric, and consist of shaped bra cups with an attached loose-fitting skirt that comes down to anywhere between the navel and the hips. They usually have matching panties.
  • Back Seams
    Back seams are the seams in the back of nylon stockings or pantyhose that were the standard when stockings were invented in 1940. Back-seamed stockings are a very provocative style that’s returning to fashion.
  • Bikini
    Bikini refers to the style of panties, either men’s or women’s, that is low-cut and fits around the hips.
  • Bloomers
    Bloomers are loose trousers, with elastic at the bottom, formerly worn by women for cycling.
  • Bodice
    A bodice is the upper part of a woman’s dress from the shoulders to the waist. Originally, bodice referred to a tight-fitting corset that was worn laced-up over a blouse.
  • Body stocking
    A body stocking is a one-piece snug-fitting undergarment for women, usually made of nylon, that covers the whole torso.
  • Body suit
    A body suit is similar to a body stocking, and can be worn under regular clothing, or by itself.
  • Bustier
    A bustier is a sleeveless woman’s top, usually strapless, that hangs from under the breasts to the waist. sexy bustiers can be worn as either evening wear, or as lingerie.
  • Camisole
    A camisole is a woman’s undergarment with shoulder straps, that covers the bust and hangs down to the waist, either tight-fitting or loose. It was originally designed as a cover for a corset.
  • Chantilly lace
    Chantilly lace is a floral pattern, sewn with thread and ribbon, on a net background. It’s named after the northern French town of Chantilly, which was famous for lace and porcelain.
  • Chemise
    A chemise is a loose-fitting dress that hangs straight down from the shoulders. It can be worn as an undergarment.
  • Chiffon
    Chiffon is a fine, almost transparent fabric of silk, nylon, or other such fabric.
  • Corset
    A corset is a foundation garment which is stiffened, usually with bone, possibly elasticized, and laced in the back. It’s designed to lift and support the breasts, and reduce the size of the waist. It may also have attachments at the bottom to hold up stockings.
  • Crop top
    A crop top is a top that comes down to just below the breasts.
  • Denier
    A denier is a unit of weight used to measure the fineness of silk and man-made fibers, especially when woven into women’s tights.
  • Embroidery
    Embroidery is decorative needlework, usually done on loosely-woven fabric, in the form of a picture or pattern.
  • Fishnet
    Fishnet is an open-mesh fabric that looks like netting. It’s usually associated with a provocative look.
  • Garter
    A garter is a band of elastic, worn around the leg to hold up a sock or stocking.
  • Garter belt
    A garter belt is a belt that wraps around the waist, and has clasps that attach to stockings to hold them up.
  • Gown
    A gown could be any of a number of women’s outer garments, such as an elegant formal dress, or a dressing robe, that comes down all the way to the ankles.
  • G-string
    A G-string is a strip of cloth that’s attached to the front and back of a waistband, and covers the loins, but not the buttocks.
  • Halter top
    A halter top is a woman’s top that goes behind the neck and across the back, with the arms, shoulders, and back left bare.
  • Long line
    A long line bustier goes further down than a normal one, usually as far as the hips.
  • Negligee
    A negligee is a sheer nightdress with lace trim, usually designed to be revealing.
  • Pantyhose
    Pantyhose, or tights, is hosiery that goes from the waist all the way down to, and including, the toes.
  • Peignoir
    A peignoir is a woman’s dressing gown.
  • Piping
    Piping is a thin strip of decoratively-covered cord or material, used to edge hems.
  • Robe
    A robe is a loose flowing garment worn as a dressing gown or bathrobe.
  • Satin
    Satin is a fabric made of silk, rayon, or other such material, that’s closely woven to give a smooth glossy appearance.
  • Silk
    Silk is a thread or fiber made from the very fine, soft, lustrous fiber that’s produced by a silkworm to make its cocoon.
  • Spandex/Lycra
    Spandex, or lycra, are man-made fabrics that are strong and durable while still remaining light and elastic. They’re also water- and oil-resistant.
  • Tank top
    A tank top is a sleeveless upper garment with wide shoulder straps and a low neck.
  • Teddy
    A teddy is a woman’s one-piece undergarment, consisting of a chemise and panties combined.
  • Teddiette
    A teddiette is a type of teddy with detachable garters.
  • Thong
    A thong is a thin strip of leather or other material. As an item of lingerie, thong underwear and panties are made for both men and women, and consist of a thin narrow strip at the back.
  • Underwired
    Underwired refers to bras that have wire sewn into the fabric, running under the breasts, to lift and support them.
  • Velvet
    Velvet is a fabric made of silk, cotton, nylon, or other such material, that has a thick, close, soft pile, producing a fell of luxury.

So there you have it. Now you’ll know what you’re looking at while you’re browsing through all the various sexy lingerie available, whether you’re shopping at your favorite boutique, or online. And we hope that all the information we’ve given you here is well, very revealing!

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