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Cute Slimming Workout Gear

The contrasting color stripes on the sides of this workout jacket and matching capris give you the ideal slimming effect.


 The off the shoulder design of this cute and comfy sweatshirt detracts attention from your midsection. It also makes a great everyday top!


Add a pop of color to your workouts with brightly colored and patterned workout pants,  this fabric also hugs your curves in all the right places!














Women’s Apparel Retailer iFashionWarehouse.com Announces the Addition of a New Sleepwear Line

The entire "Lovely Day Lingerie" Sleepwear collection is now available online at iFashionWarehouse.com

CL1073 Animal Camisole & Pants

The new "Lovely Day Lingerie" collection consists of women’s satin chemises, satin cami sets, satin robes, cotton mini dresses, mesh baby dolls and men’s satin robes, pants and shorts. The women’s satin sets are available in a variety of prints, from a rose print to satin jacquard and a floral/butterfly print. The women’s sets are not made with any underwire that will poke you while you are sleeping and the satin is an easy care, virtually wrinkle free polyester blend. The men’s sets are made with more masculine colors such as a cheetah print, or a solid burgundy or solid black.

At iFashion Warehouse, we have one of the largest online selection of lingerie; from undergarments to bedroom lingerie to fantasy wear. Of course, all these items are wonderful, but not necessarily comfortable or practical to sleep in. We felt there was a void in this product category. said Nelson Jones, President & CEO of iFashion Warehouse, Inc.

With the new "Lovely Day Lingerie" collection of sexy and comfortable sleepwear, both men and women can now trade in those sweatpants for night-time garments that are much more flattering.

Cotton Bra, Inc with Lovely Day Lingerie
See the "Lovely Day Lingerie" collection for yourself.

iFashion Warehouse is expanding their collection of Made In the USA Lingerie and Clothing

Dollars spent on American-made products stay here in America and that helps the economy and all of us.

In today’s tough economy and with more and more jobs being sent overseas customers are seeking to purchase more domestically made goods. iFashion Warehouse is placing more emphasis on items made in the USA. Our company’s buyers are looking for small to medium sized lingerie whole sellers and manufacturers within the United States.

“Buy American!” might sound like nothing more than a slogan advanced by American manufacturers to sell products made in the USA, but the truth is that there are many reasons to consider buying American-made clothing.

According to Todd Lipscomb, founder of MadeInUSAForever.com, there are ten reasons why more consumers should shift to Made in USA products.

UjENA Big Star American Zip 1-PC (Z100)

  1. As the US manufacturing ability fades, future generations of US citizens will be unable to find relevant jobs. Buy American and help keep your friends and neighbors-and even yourself-earning a living wage.
  2. Factories and money are shifting to countries not friendly to the USA or democracy. When you avoid imported goods in favor of American-made items, you help ensure that the United States doesn’t find its access to vital goods impacted by political conflict.
  3. Lack of minimum wage, worker safety, or environmental pollution controls in many countries undermines the concept of "fair and free trade". No Western nation can ultimately compete on price with a country willing to massively exploit and pollute its own people. When you buy only American-made products, you insist on a higher standard.
  4. Foreign product safety standards are low. For example, poisonous levels of lead are in tens of millions of toys shipped to the USA. When you buy toys and other goods made in the USA, you can be confident that American consumer protection laws and safety standards are in place to protect your family.
  5. The huge US trade deficit leads to massive, unsustainable borrowing from other countries. Debt isn’t good for you and it isn’t good for America.
  6. The growing lack of USA ability to manufacture many products is strategically unsound. When you seek out American-made goods, you foster American independence.
  7. Many countries have no minimum wage restrictions, or the minimum wage is outrageously low. When you choose products made in the USA, you contribute to the payment of an honest day’s wages for an honest day’s work.
  8. US manufacturing processes are much cleaner for the environment than many other countries; many brands sold here are produced in countries using dangerous, heavily polluting processes. When you purchase American-made product, you know that you’re helping to keep the world a little cleaner for your children.
  9. Jobs shipped abroad almost never return. When you buy goods made in the USA, you help keep the American economy growing.
  10. Foreign labor standards allow unsafe worker conditions in many countries. When you buy American you support not only American manufacturers but also American workers, safe working conditions, and child labor laws.

Made in the USAView our entire Made in America selection of women’s apparel

Online Retailer iFashionWarehouse.com Increases Selection of Plus Sized Corsets for Full-figured Women

iFashion Warehouse has just added more than 75 new styles of plus sized bustiers and corsets to their corset collection.

Daisy Corsets Plus Size Black Tie-Strap Burlesque Corset

This new corset collection is by Daisy Corsets and is another addition to iFashion Warehouse’s expanding plus size section. These new plus size corsets range from 2X – 6X which equates to a bust size of 36 – 44 inches for a corset that is fully laced. All of the Daisy Corsets are fully adjustable with back lacing, so these sizes are approximations.

These plus size corset and bustier styles include: burlesque, peasant top with cap sleeves, sequin, prints such as floral, leopard, polka dot, camouflage, pinstripe and plaid. There are also various fabrics; embroidered, leather, faux leather, suede, brocade, denim, and satin. In addition to the overbust and underbust styles of corsets there are corset party dresses and lingerie corset skirt sets. These plus size corsets look good on any body type and help improve posture and reduce your waist size.

You have the option of purchasing matching ruffled panties/booty shorts with all of the plus size overbust and plus size underbust corset and the underbust styles allow for the purchase of a matching peasant top. Some of the corsets come with a matching g-string as a bonus.

Get The Look: Jessica Rabbit

I’m not bad, I’m just drawn that way.Jessica Rabbit

What man doesn’t go gaga over Jessica Rabbit? Remember her from the movie, “Who Framed Roger Rabbit?”

Jessica Rabbit flirts for sport and she always keeps everyone guessing. Her voluptuous curves, the sultry look, and the way she exudes confidence in that sexy red dress that clings to all the right places can make any man believe in love at first sight.

So how can you bring out the sexy and mysterious Jessica Rabbit in you?

First, you’ll need to start with her signature red sexy dress.

This sexy evening gown has a delicate rhinestone studded necklace attached and the trademark thigh high slit Jessica Rabbit is know for, adding a seductive touch. The shiny metallic material stretches and adjusts to your body accentuating your curves.

You don’t know how hard it is being a woman looking the way I do.Jessica Rabbit

This dress has a sequined bra built in to give you that little extra lift Jessica Rabbit is known to show off and of course it has a thigh slit to complete the seductive outfit.

Once you have the right dress you’ll need the finishing touch for your sultry and seductive outfit, red hot heels.

These glossy red heels have a distinctive lava texture platform.

These red glitter heels have a concealed platform to give you a taller, leaner look when paired with a sexy dress.

Finally, if you are feeling extra daring and bold add a wig to complete your Jessica Rabbit look. What better way to get into character?

Which other movie characters do you think are the most desirable?


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