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How To: Finding Shapewear
















Do you find yourself envying the slim and sexy silhouettes that some women have when wearing a cocktail dress or even when they throw on jeans and a tee? Well stop it and forget about feeling self conscious about your pesky muffin top. We will show you how shapewear can help you feel confident and boost your self esteem!

But…Isn’t it uncomfortable?

NOT, if you have found the right size and style for your body, it should not be uncomfortable. There’s many different levels of shape wear. Some lifts your butt, other cinches your tummy, and others lift your breasts.

Choose the correct size.

Don’t pick a smaller size because you think it will make you fit into that too small dress. It will instead make you feel like you are suffocating and make you bulge out in all the wrong places. Also, pick colors that are close to your skin tone.

Get the basics.

Mid-Tigh Shaper: This one should extend above your waist and will cinch your thighs, butt, hips, and abdomen.

Camisole Top: This type of shape wear can be work without anything over it. It’s good for daily wear and minimizing muffin tops and back bulge.

Full body Suit w/ Chest Cut Out: Slims hips and holds in stomach while lifting breasts.
















Slip Dress: Eliminates panty lines and pesky budges under thinner dresses.


Don’t be afraid to layer shape wear for special occasions because not everyone can make time to hit the gym as much as we’d like. Make sure to try on and wear your shape wear a couple of times before heading out to be sure you are comfortable and have gotten used to it.

 Do you use shapewear everyday or only for special occasions?  

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