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The Wonderful World of Wigs

I am a HUGE fan of wigs. Not just for fun but for everyday. I used to cut and color my hair way more than I should and then I found myself having dried out and unmanageable hair. I had already been wearing extensions for a long time but wasn’t a big fan of the long process. The clip in extensions always felt like they were ready to fall out and the other methods left my hair very damaged. One day I was at a beauty supply store and wandered into the wig section and saw how affordable most wigs were and not to mention how easy it was to slip them on and off! I left the store that day with one short dark bob wig and another long blond wig! I have since then turned to purchasing wigs online since I can find better deals and more selection. Getting tired of your long locks but too attached to them to cut off all that length? Are you dying to try a bold hair color but worried it might not be a safe look for the office? Wigs are great for those that are tired of their current hairstyle but not ready to commit to a totally different hair color or cut! A wig allows you to try out a daring and bold hairstyle or new hair color without the commitment and hassle. Wigs come in all lengths, textures and colors. The best thing is you don’t have to worry about damaging your hair by going from brunette to bleach blond or curly to pin straight. Owning a wig will save you so much time, especially on those mornings when you are running late or when your hair won’t cooperate. Many people ask me, “Can’t people tell you’re wearing a wig?” The short answer is, NOPE and if they can, “Who cares!” I have yet to run into anyone that has come up to me and asked if I was wearing a wig. One thing that you do have to do is make sure that you take your wig to a hair stylist. They will help shape it to your face. Don’t wear your wig right out of the package!

The video below shows how to put on a wig properly.

If your wig has bangs get some of those tiny nail scissors and trim the bangs a bit for a more natural look. You’ll need a wig cap or two to hide and control your real hair. Don’t be afraid to style your wig as you would your real hair. Use accessories and headbands to vary the hairstyles. If you still feel self conscious and like everyone knows you are wearing a wig then go ahead and throw on a hat or a scarf over it!  This works best with long length wigs.    

Now you can have have gorgeous long locks instantly without the hassle of extensions!

Celebs Who Rock Wigs

Kim K

Nikki Minaj

Lady Gaga 

 Wig Tips

1. To avoid the fake wig look, take it to a hairstylist to get some real layers that fit your face cut. A professional hair stylist can cut real human hair or synthetic hair wigs.

2. If you plan on wearing your wig almost everyday pick a natural looking color and style. Make sure there isn’t too much hair near the crown, otherwise it will look too bulky.

3. Keep your wigs shape by using a wig head.

4. Dust synthetic hair wigs with a little baby powder or loose powder in a similar shade to get rid of that shiny look.

5. Wigs with bangs are easier to wear.

6. Look for a wig that has adjustable elastic bands to ensure a tight and secure fit.

Do you own any wigs? Would you consider wearing a wig to work or out with friends?

How To: Finding Shapewear
















Do you find yourself envying the slim and sexy silhouettes that some women have when wearing a cocktail dress or even when they throw on jeans and a tee? Well stop it and forget about feeling self conscious about your pesky muffin top. We will show you how shapewear can help you feel confident and boost your self esteem!

But…Isn’t it uncomfortable?

NOT, if you have found the right size and style for your body, it should not be uncomfortable. There’s many different levels of shape wear. Some lifts your butt, other cinches your tummy, and others lift your breasts.

Choose the correct size.

Don’t pick a smaller size because you think it will make you fit into that too small dress. It will instead make you feel like you are suffocating and make you bulge out in all the wrong places. Also, pick colors that are close to your skin tone.

Get the basics.

Mid-Tigh Shaper: This one should extend above your waist and will cinch your thighs, butt, hips, and abdomen.

Camisole Top: This type of shape wear can be work without anything over it. It’s good for daily wear and minimizing muffin tops and back bulge.

Full body Suit w/ Chest Cut Out: Slims hips and holds in stomach while lifting breasts.
















Slip Dress: Eliminates panty lines and pesky budges under thinner dresses.


Don’t be afraid to layer shape wear for special occasions because not everyone can make time to hit the gym as much as we’d like. Make sure to try on and wear your shape wear a couple of times before heading out to be sure you are comfortable and have gotten used to it.

 Do you use shapewear everyday or only for special occasions?  

Playing Dress Up

Indulge in role-play with your partner to keep the excitement alive in your relationship. Don’t worry about looking silly,  fantasy costumes don’t have to be all about seduction. They are meant to bring some fun into the bedroom so don’t be intimidated! Check out some of our favorite fantasy costumes below.


4 Flattering Full Coverage Swimsuits

Just like a perfect pin up girl, this vintage full coverage one piece will make you look slim, trim, and sexy! Full of stripes, the twisted halter top supports your curves in all the right places while the body style is very slimming.  Perfect for all body types and extra sexy on full figures.   

The twisted top on this bright one piece supports your curves in all the right places while the thick straps keep everything held in all the right places.  The body style is very slimming with lots of shirring to hide any imperfections.

A figure shaping one piece that is sure to make your body look amazing.  The sleek design is very flattering on all body types.  Accented with a white tie, you will look classy and elegant while sipping your margarita at the pool.  


A bright and tropical full coverage bathing suit for those who are looking for something a little more conservative. The classic twist tankini top has thick straps to hold you in place and make you feel secure and covered.  The high waisted bottoms offer just the right amount of coverage.  This is the perfect tankini for your next getaway vacation!

How to Wear a Corset Outside the Bedroom

Corsets are probably one of the few pieces of lingerie that show off your best assets in the bedroom as well as during the day. Wearing a corset also minimizes your waist, lifts your bust, and can even improve your posture!

Halter Corset Styles

Add a pair of sexy stiletto heels or pumps to complete the look!

This sexy leopard print corset allows you to go skip the bra since it comes with built in underwire cups giving you the perfect lift!

Underbust Corsets

The underbust corsets shown here turn basic tank tops into a clubwear tops. Wear slim fitting pants or skinny jeans, the corset should overlap the pants waistline.




An underbust corset can also be worn around a tight dress or top to add definition to your waist.

Strapless Corset Styles

Wear corsets with skinny jeans for a more casual day look and pair it with ankle boots or pumps.

This leather corset can also be paired with a sexy pencil skirt or leggings for a sexy club look!

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